More than a mission statement. We’re on a mission.

We create the mission-critical support solutions demanded and needed by discerning customers. ULTRAX Aerospace stops the economic leakage across aerospace sectors with systemic solutions that mitigate NFF, obsolescence and inefficiency.

How We Approach Our Mission

We operate in a synergistic structure that includes our SCATS, UxValidator and PET diagnostic scan tools along with our Investigative Laboratory. The power behind ULTRAX equipment is the knowledge and experience behind it. With decades of experience acquired on the bench and flight line, our Lab continuously aggregates lessons learned to identify disruptive patterns in electrical systems that lie at the heart of NFF, obsolescence and inefficiency.

Our Mission Supports Yours

Our electrical test and analytics technology platform gives you a strategic and systemic approach to managing fleet lifecycles. You’ll have the accurate and actionable knowledge required to:

  • Quickly convert NFF into serviceable stock
  • Systematically reduce NFF
  • Eliminate recurring failures
  • Better plan & manage obsolescence
  • Maximize ROA and aircraft readiness while reducing risk

Evolution of Thought is Part of Our Heritage

Incorporated in 1995 by brothers Brian and Chris Lincoln, ULTRAX Aerospace got its start by developing software that automates the testing of electronic systems for the U.S. military. Then, in 1999, we created the Software Configurable All-Purpose Test System a computerized test platform that mimics aircraft flight conditions electronically, to determine proper operation of a wide variety of components.

A few years later, the UxValidator was introduced. This versatile, lunchbox-sized piece of testing equipment hooks directly to components while they are still installed on the aircraft. Most recently, came the PET Scan that benchmarks, monitors and isolates faults in electrical systems.

With thousands of products in the field, ULTRAX still creates test and the diagnostic scan technology that has become a global gold standard. Now, we’ve moved beyond measure to advice. We have evolved decades of empirical test information into objective knowledge to continually improve actionable and accurate information, which changes the way people think, thus improving actions and processes.

World Experts in the Field, Headquartered in the Central US

The ULTRAX Aerospace headquarters is centrally located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. In our 24,000 square foot design and manufacturing center (complete with its very own Chinook test lab in our hanger), over 50 employees are researching, developing and manufacturing cutting-edge, customer-focused diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. With experience across the United States and the world, we are making real progress toward mitigating the effects of NFF from the maintainers on the flight line to the decision makers in the boardroom.