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For more than two decades ULTRAX has been a trusted technology partner for business fleet managers.  Our most recent innovation, Condition-Based Technology (CBI™) revolutionizes maintenance workflows and reduces AOG for every fleet size. We'd love to show you how. Call us today at 1-800-214-7971 or complete the contact form below.


CBI™ is next-generation technology designed to meet the demands of modern fleet maintenance.


CBI continuously improves by capturing measurements from ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. We’ve amassed the world’s largest database of aviation electrical properties, and our system inherently “learns” each time we add to it. By keeping in synch with changing conditions due to wear and tear, battle damage, and environmental conditions, we’re constantly updating or adjusting fault codes and sharpening decision points. It’s not magic. It just feels like it.


ULTRAX has over 20 years of experience working with both military and commercial aviation providers. Our employees have been there: in the air, on the flight line, and in the lab. We speak your language. We also speak your aircraft’s language, and we understand how to translate its complex electrical signals into actionable steps to resolution.


We built our reputation on reliable technology. With CBI, the quality remains but the toolbox is expanding. Our scanners can now deliver data wirelessly to a variety of your own devices. A web-based interface can provide you with unprecedented access to information about your fleet. And of course, our UX and SCATS family of testing and validation equipment remains available if you need it.


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  • risk mitigation


    More knowledge. Less risk. CBI™mitigates risk by eliminating unknowns. From safety risk to schedule risk to budget risk. CBI™ has you covered.

  • readiness


    More knowledge. More control. From dispatch reliability to mission readiness, CBI™ puts you in control of your schedule.



    CBI positively impacts profitability; empowering you to meet or exceed the financial goals for your aircraft. Reduce repair costs and time lost to AOG with CBI. 

  • workflows


    Visualize anomalies, track workflows, and communicate best practices across teams with CBI.  Expertly align the priorities of safety, readiness, and profitability over the life of your aircraft.