[SCATS (Software Configurable All-Purpose Test Set) along with its modular OTPS (Operational Test Program Sets) builds up your bench strength, especially when used with ULTRAX’s Investigative Laboratory. We install bench test units (NFF stations) in your facility or hanger that include our proprietary application framework (AF) with over 30 component level fault isolation test configurations.

SCATS and OTPS are a traditional approach to bench testing, deployed at the intermediate depot level to determine go/no-go status of your pulled LRUs. Bench testing at the component level alleviates the sense of helplessness that often accompanies working with complex electrical systems. After your crew pulls an LRU from the aircraft, they test it at the NFF station to separate false pulls from known fails. Good LRUs are returned immediately to serviceable stock.

Bench testing alone leaves opportunity on the table

Though bench testing lets you keep possession and control over your LRUs, bench testing alone misses out on a valuable opportunity beyond just determining go/no-go status. When bench testing works synergistically with flight line testing and our investigative lab, verifying go and no-go status only scratches the surface.

Use the knowledge existing between go and no-go to tackle your false pulls rate (NFF)

ULTRAX transforms data gathered during bench testing into accurate and actionable information when combined with flight line testing and our Investigative Laboratory. NFF patterns that are isolated to the LRU are identified. These patterns trigger further analysis in our Investigative Laboratory. Individual LRU test data, when viewed collectively with data from thousands of other LRU bench tests, becomes actionable knowledge.

The patterns that emerge from bulk screening:

  • Helps drill down problems associated with a manufacturing date, configuration, etc. so that maintenance becomes proactive
  • Results in proven best practices for LRU repair, instead of guesswork
  • Becomes critical element in combatting NFF

The quality of applied tests used on your next LRU improves over time. Ultimately, in turn, the frequency of false pulls, or NFF, is minimized and the spares pool inventory is balanced.

Bench testing identifies recurring failures, both new and archived from past test patterns. The Lab investigates recurring failures, again turning that data into actionable knowledge that may extend the LRU’s service life potentially extending obsolescence and the lifespan of the airframe.

Go/No-Go is just the beginning

Improving bench strength is just one-way ULTRAX can help you combat NFF high costs and inefficiencies. Discuss your goals with an ULTRAX expert.