UxValidator Series

ULTRAX’s UxValidator Series II is a complementary extension of our Investigative Laboratory with flexible, economic deployment models. The Series involves active-state pod sets and passive-state safety checks for powerful, on aircraft diagnostic testing. For maintainers and chiefs, this flight line testing capability allows them to analyze LRUs in their wider host environment.

When used in conjunction with bench testing and our Investigative Laboratory, UxValidator Series II:

  • Eliminates NFF false pulls at the source, preventing disruptions in the spares pool supply chain
  • Prevents aircraft on ground (AOG)

Like at the bench level, on aircraft testing delivers a precise diagnosis so that NFF is quickly returned to serviceable stock, especially since you retain control and possession of LRUs. UxValidator Series II scan tools put accurate and actionable results in your in-house maintainers’ hands, which effectively decreases the 50 – 60% false pull rate. ULTRAX’s Investigative Laboratory addresses the other 50 - 40%.

Determine the difference between a problem and a symptom.

UxValidator Series II performs a wider scan of systems beyond the specific LRU in question. System scans help the Lab identify whether the LRU being tested is the problem or a symptom. This differentiation alone results in more accurate and actionable information for the maintainer.

Flight line testing also identifies patterns the LRU emits in its home environment. Once detected, the Lab can investigate these patterns, compare them to other LRUs on aircraft in similar environments and turn that data into actionable information. This knowledge improves the quality of applied testing on the next LRU, both on aircraft and on the bench.

UxValidator Series II on aircraft testing, along with SCATS and its modular OTPS bench testing, gives your maintainers’ concise information and quick assess to next steps, which prevents AOG and returns military mission-critical aircraft and commercial fleets to ready state – all working within the current flow pattern for maintainers.

Replace AOG occurrences and spares pool supply chain disruptions with “Power On”.

Combat the high costs of NFF false pulls, AOG and spares pool supply chain imbalances with on aircraft testing combined with bench testing and our Investigative Laboratory.