Our Founders, brothers Chris and Brian Lincoln

Founded in 1995 by brothers Brian and Chris Lincoln, ULTRAX is an innovator built on culture and strategy. Our first and most important asset is the ULTRAX Central Nervous System or CNS. 

CNS is our proprietary, systemic method of empirically breaking down big problems into simple solutions.  Over the years, our CNS has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about aircraft electrical systems, including their function and why they degrade and fail in repeating patterns.  

From military to commercial, from flight-line to bench, from static-state brainpacks to dynamic-state iOS and Android apps, all ULTRAX products and solutions are, at their core, derived from the CNS and use the condition of things to create intelligent, accurate & actionable feedback. 

We have a clear mission statement and we use it to guide our effort, ground us in our mission, and ensure we stay focused.  


Members of the ULTRAX Team supporting customers remotely from our on-site lab.

ULTRAX MISSION STATEMENT: We create the mission-critical support solutions demanded and needed by discerning customers.

This mission statement contains six key mandates:

Mandate to innovate:  The first two words of our mission statement, We Create, are a mandate to innovate. 

Mandate to matter:  The words "Mission Critical" mandate us to focus on the things that are highly important to you, the customer.

Mandate to respect:  The word "Support" mandates we respect our customers' time, control, and expertise.

Mandate to solve problems:  The word "Solutions" mandates we accept the responsibility to help solve your mission-critical problem.  

Mandate to listen:  To us, the words "Demanded and Needed" are inseparable.  Together, they are a mandate to listen critically to ensure we help solve the right problem and deliver the right value. 

Mandate to partner:  The words "Discerning Customers" mandate we partner with customers to create the mission-critical support solutions demanded and needed by them.