ULTRAX SCATS System Overview

ULTRAX SCATS™ System Overview

SCATS™ UxSatellite™: Innovative Bench Avionics Solutions
Transforming Avionics Maintenance, Testing & Supply Chain Challenges Worldwide

Learn How You Can Gain Greater Control Over Your Avionics Challenges

The aircraft will tell us everything we need to know to keep it operational, we just need to listen.

ULTRAX’s SCATS™ (Software Configurable All-Purpose Test System) UxSatellite™ is an innovative, bench-level system of purpose-built hardware, software and firmware designed to listen to the voice of an avionic.

SCATS™ UxSatellites™ are globally deployed with each depot serving the unique needs of the operating partner. SCATS™ UxSatellites™ provide scalable, configurable bench solutions for LRU (Line Replaceable Units) across different aircraft types.

Customers employ SCATS™ UxSatellites™ to:

  • Augment their existing lifecycle programs and processes,
  • Improve through-life sustainability,
  • Take control of their supply chain,
  • Decelerate their avionics treadmill,
  • Accelerate turn-around times,
  • Strengthen warranty support,
  • Insulate from pre-existing conditions, and
  • Improve programmatic measures of Safety, Readiness, and Savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SCATS™ UxSatellite™ test LRU?

Yes, SCATS™ UxSatellite™ examines for deviations outside the boundaries of parameters, just like traditional testing, but also uses patterns of behavior (the voice of the aircraft) to expand the field of investigation to include the possibility of outliers existing within the boundaries of parameters.

Traditional, parameters-based testing offers limited actionable knowledge and produces prodigious rates of No Fault Found (NFF). Customers report roughly 50% of all traditional parameters-based LRU tests result in NFF. Undetected & unresolved problems re-enter the supply system through LRU wrongly marked as functional. The same problems repeat themselves creating an avionics treadmill, supply chain disruptions, excess cost, diminished aircraft readiness, and potential safety compromises.

ULTRAX’s Listen-Know-Act methodology is an outliers-based investigative discipline utilizing patterns of behavior to examine for outliers both inside and outside the boundaries of parameters. Customers identify, investigate, and resolve outliers to decelerate their avionics treadmill, accelerate turnaround times, decrease supply chain disruptions, recapture budget, improve fleet readiness, and reduce carried risk.

Does SCATS™ UxSatellite™ enable LRU repair?
Yes. The voice of the aircraft reveals actionable outliers creating the knowledge necessary to return many LRU to a verifiable state free from adverse outliers. Each repair activity incorporates lessons learned to continually improve the SCATS™ UxSatellite™.
What is the typical testing turnaround time?
Typical turnaround times range from one day to one week. Some repairs take a little longer. Regardless, you will be updated as to estimated time of completion.
Will my serial number be returned to me or does the UxSatellite™ return a different unit from stock?
Your serial number is yours and is always returned to you. You maintain line of sight visibility into the state and disposition of your asset throughout UxSatellite™ depot activity.
What LRU does SCATS™ UxSatellite™ test & repair?
SCATS™ UxSatellite™ is configurable for virtually any LRU. The SCATS™ UxSatellite™ Configuration Tuning process is a four-step process lasting no more than 105 days in total: tabletop viability, solution collaboration, configuration tuning, and on-wing or on-bench validation. Some outlier strategies may be executable within days. Inquire regarding ready solutions.
What source power is required for a SCATS™ UxSatellite™ – Volts, Hz, and AMPS?
SCATS™ deployments are configured to local source-power specifications and aircraft & avionic power specifications.
What airframes does the SCATS™ UxSatellite™ serve?
Our Configuration Tuning Kit supports LRU from various aircraft types including but not limited to CH-47F, UH-60A/L/M/V, AH-64D/E, fixed-wing military, and commercial aircraft. Inquire regarding ready solutions.
Do SCATS™ UxSatellite™ capabilities extend to the flight line?
Yes. UxValidator Series Pod Sets are designed for maintainers to listen to the voice of the aircraft on the wing. UxValidator Series Pod Sets are built on the same ULTRAX technology stack as the SCATS™ UxSatellite™. Many customers wisely choose to attack the central problem of LRU churn on the aircraft while it is in a fully connected state offering the widest possible field of investigation and the most complete voice of the aircraft.
What is ULTRAX’s Listen-Know-Act?
Listen-Know-Act is the ULTRAX method of Listening to the voice of the aircraft. It is a scientific method using patterns of behavior and outlier strategies to identify (Listen), investigate and resolve outliers (Know), and Act accordingly. Customers develop their own institutionalized outlier strategies to achieve scalable Listen-Know-Act.
What is scalable Listen-Know-Act?
Well-developed outlier strategies executed uniformly across your enterprise from time-to-time, place-to-place, and person-to-person. Mature, scalable Listen-Know-Act consistently produces your intended outcomes and increases your control over your Safety, Readiness, and Savings.
What are compounded benefits to programmatic outcomes?

Safety: Reduce carried risk by increasing consistency of desired outcomes.

Readiness: Convert maintenance hours to readiness hours.

Savings: Save time, parts, personnel, assets, & infrastructure.

What are the benefits to stakeholders?

Integrators & OEM: Faster, safer, more efficient verification.

Operators & Fleets: Improved readiness rates and faster turnaround times.

Maintainers: Fewer maintenance actions, force multiplication, and informed simplicity.

Parts supply chain: Reduced churn of LRUs and engines.

What is Through-Life Augmentation?
ULTRAX customers augment their existing lifecycle programs with ULTRAX Scalable Listen-Know-Act to more thoroughly listen to the voice of the aircraft, improve through-life sustainability, improve success metrics, strengthen warranty support, and insulate from pre-existing conditions.
Where in the world are SCATS™ UxSatellites™?
ULTRAX deploys both confidential UxSatellites™ and open-access UxSatellites™. Most SCATS™ deployments are negotiated confidential UxSatellites™ each serving the unique wants and needs of the operating partner. ULTRAX has deployed two open access UxSatellites™, one employed by ULTRAX in the central United States and one employed by our European Union and Middle East partner, PZL-Mielec in Mielec, Poland. Open access UxSatellites™ are open to all customers, including existing confidential UxSatellite™ partners.
What regions do the open-access SCATS™ UxSatellites™ serve?
Any customer may engage either of the open access SCATS™ UxSatellite™ Service Center Depots for their avionics depot needs. Either depot can help with your inquiry even if it means the service work is performed at the other depot. With that said, the open access SCATS™ UxSatellites™ are generally aligned with the following regions:

North America: ULTRAX Service Center Depot, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA

South America: ULTRAX Service Center Depot, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA

Europe: PZL-Mielec Service Center Depot, Mielec, Poland

Middle East: PZL-Mielec Service Center Depot, Mielec, Poland

Africa: PZL-Mielec Service Center Depot, Mielec, Poland

Asia: Either Service Center Depot

Pacifica: Either Service Center Depot

Connect with ULTRAX

+1 800 214 7971

[email protected]

Connect with PZL-Mielec

+48 17 743 19 00

[email protected]

Description PN NSN
SAS Amplifier 70901-02908-103 5996-01-120-3047
SAS Amplifier 70901-02908-104 5996-01-317-8581
SAS Amplifier 70901-21908-103 5996-01-164-4297
SAS Amplifier 70901-21908-104
Stabilator Amplifier 70902-02001-047 5996-01-267-8082
Stabilator Amplifier 70902-02001-048 5996-01-316-2743
Stabilator Amplifier 70902-85200-043 1680-01-480-5015
Stabilator Amplifier 70902-22001-042 6615-01-164-4133
Stabilator Amplifier 70902-22001-044 6615-01-256-7324
Stabilator Amplifier 70902-22001-046 6615-01-451-8294
Stab Control Panel 70902-01070-047 1680-01-215-6152
Stab Control Panel 70902-01070-048 1680-01-301-3792
CIS mode select 70902-01085-045 5895-01-225-3255
BDI Control Panel 70902-01099-045 1660-01-216-1936
BDI Distributor 70550-02127-103 6110-01-266-4514
BDI Distributor 70550-02127-104 6110-01-324-2226
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-102 5821-01-110-2198
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-103 5821-01-215-6679
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-104
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-105
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-106
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-107
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-108 5821-01-316-2737
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-112
VSI/HSI Mode Select Panel 70450-01901-114 5821-01-454-3550
ADU 406-077-801-105 6110-01-186-8804
ADU 406-077-801-107 6110-01-346-0028
Caution/Advisory Panel 70550-21900-112
Caution/Advisory Panel 70550-21900-116
Misc Relay Panel 70550-82005-043
Misc Relay Panel 70550-82005-047
Hellfire ECSP LWH-13009716
A2D Avionics Unit 1000484
AFCS Control Panel 70902-21000-44
AFCS Control Panel 70902-21000-53
AFCS Control Panel 70902-21000-54
AFCS Control Panel 70902-21000-55
BDI Controller 70550-02126-106 5895-01-115-3568
BDI Controller 70550-02126-108 5895-01-324-2233
BDI Controller 70550-02126-110 5895-01-390-0280
SAS2/FPS (AFCS) Computer 70901-02903-104 6610-01-119-7180
BDI Fault Monitor 70902-01110-044 1680-01-221-0482
RH /LH Relay Panel 70550-02102-051 5945-01-289-2696
RH /LH Relay Panel 70550-02102-056 5945-01-325-0624
RH /LH Relay Panel 70550-02105-051 5945-01-221-0478
RH /LH Relay Panel 70550-02105-054 5945-01-289-2695
RH /LH Relay Panel 70550-02105-057 5945-01-332-9907
RIU 29489-501
Pilot Ext/Int Light Panel 7-311B12002-5 6110-01-245-6000
Misc. Switch Panel 70450-01090-044 1680-01-221-0486
Misc. Switch Panel 70450-01090-049 1680-01-324-6421
Fuel Boost Pump Control Panel 70902-01115-042 1680-01-216-1923
Stores Jettison Control Panel 70902-41400-042 6110-01-258-1291
Chaff & Flare Dispenser Control Panel 70450-01706-101 1095-01-244-6284
Caution Advisory Panel 70550-01107-109 1680-01-225-5629
Caution Advisory Panel 70550-01107-120 1680-01-471-7013
Caution Advisory Panel 44781900-50 1680-01-565-4732
AFCC Computer 825050-1-001 6610-01-490-5168
Stab Position Sensor & Limit Switches 1560-01-422-2283
CP-2036 146310-7 6610-01-280-9729
Signal Data Converter 100-601562-000 6620-01-342-0470
Signal Data Converter 100-601572-000 6620-01-337-5630
Signal Data Converter 245-476850-000 6620-01-084-2255