The SCATS™ series is versatile, efficient and easy-to-use test equipment designed for intermediate and depot level aircraft maintenance. The SCATS (Software-Configurable All-Purpose Test System) enables quick, accurate cost-effective verification of proper system and component operation by emulating system characteristics.

Intermediate Level

This fully automated test set is ideal for pre-screening LRUs (Line Replaceable Units) at the Intermediate Level. By testing suspected faulty components as early as possible, the SCATS helps eliminate “no fault found” units from entering the depot system saving time, money and logistical bottlenecks.

Depot Level

At the Depot Level, SCATS diagnose and aid in troubleshooting and repair of components. Then, it is able to validate the component operation before returning it to the system, virtually eliminating any likelihood of returning a faulty component back to the field.
The SCATS™ Test Unit incorporates multiple test and measurement interface modules around a high-speed computer core, housed in a sturdy metal case. Connectors on the front of the Test Unit interface to ICDs (InterConnect Device) for each of the application-specific SCATS Test Platforms. Peripherals and power connect at the rear.
Fielded and proven to be extremely effective for the H-60 helicopter platform, SCATS are found around the world at intermediate and depot-level maintenance facilities.
The fully automated, easy-to-use test procedures operate on the familiar Windows operating system and are built around the powerful ULTRAX UxAF Framework development software architecture. Each solution features integrated standardized operator instructions modeled after common military publication procedures providing a common interface for all programs.
Maintenance data and test information is recorded, such as execution history, data logging, unit under test serial number, test pass/fail criteria, specific fault information, and corrective action.

Test Platforms

SCATS is an ever-growing family of test solutions featuring products to solve a wide variety of problems across many systems on different types of aircraft.
Each Test Platform (often referred to as an OTPS, Operational Test Program Set) includes an ICD (InterConnect Device), set of cables and software. The ICD is an electronic interface module that docks with the front of the SCATS Test Unit. Connectors on the ICD mate with the included cables, which connect to the unit under test.
In addition to our innovative technological solutions for military requirements and excellent customer service, ULTRAX Aerospace offers the ability to perform board-level and LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) repairs for any type of system, especially aircraft platforms.
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