No two aircraft are identical. Yet when decades of diagnostic scan data is analyzed with complex electrical systems on the bench in their unique host environments around the world, information can go beyond accurate measurements to actionable advice.

ULTRAX’s UxValidator Series II involves active-state pod sets and passive-state safety checks for powerful, on aircraft diagnostic testing. Flexible, economical deployment models give maintainers and chiefs flight line testing capability to analyze LRUs in their wider host environment. These flight line tools put accurate and actionable results in your maintainers’ hands to effectively reduce false pull rates and return NFF to serviceable stock.

SCATS (Software Configurable All-Purpose Test Set) along with its modular OTPS (Operational Test Program Sets) determine go/no-go status of your pulled LRUs. We install bench test units (NFF stations) in your facility or hanger that include our proprietary application framework (AF) with over 30 component level fault isolation test configurations. Maintainers separate false pulls from known fails and quickly return good LRUs to serviceable stock.