uxv series 1

UXValidator Series One

The UxValidator family of test solutions delivers versatility, ease-of-use and reliability never before available in portable, application-specific troubleshooting equipment. The UxValidator platform provides the ultimate in enhanced troubleshooting flexibility in a powerful, portable package.

UxValidator Chassis Series II

The UxValidator platform provides the ultimate in enhanced troubleshooting flexibility in a powerful, portable package. It is versatile enough to test a wide variety of systems due to its ability to generate and measure both analog and digital signals. Operation is made effortless through the simple, menu-driven user interface and automated switchology.

H-47 ETTS Pod Set

The H-47 ETTS Pod Set provides fast and complete testing of the H-47 Chinook T55 Engine Torquemeter Systems. Both engines can be tested simultaneously as well as Torque Split Testing. It is now possible to adjust J-Boxes to their factory settings without removing any components from the aircraft!

H-60/S-70 AFCC Pod Set

The H-60/S-70 AFCC Pod Set enhances troubleshooting of the H-60 /S-70 A/L AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System). Through automatic testing of the AFCC (Advanced Flight Control Computer) and improved AFCS troubleshooting proc edures, this UxValidator Pod Set provides thorough, rapid, simple verification of AFCS problems.

H-60/S-70/S-70i Stabilator Position / Limit Switch Pod Set

The Stabilator Position Sensor/Limit Switch works on the H-60 and S-70/S-70i family of aircraft and allows the maintainer to verify the stabilator position sensor and limit switch settings while on the aircraft or on the bench.

H-60M/S-70i EICAS/CEFS Pod Set

The H-60M/S-70i EICAS/CEFS Pod Set simplifies the testing, troubleshooting and functional verification of the H-60M/S-70i DCU (Data Concentrator Unit) and CEFS (Crashworthy External Fuel System). This powerful yet portable pod set is less than half the size of the legacy EICAS/CEFS test equipment, reducing the footprint from 5.2 cubic feet down to only 2.4 cubic feet.

H-60/S-70 IDS Pod Set

The H-60/S-70 Instrument Display System Pod Set simulates input voltages to each SDC displayed on the CDU/PDU (Copilot Display Unit/Pilot Display Unit) in the cockpit.

H-60/S-70 Stabilator/SAS Test Set

The H-60/S-70 Stabilator/SAS Test Set synthesizes Stabilator/SAS measurement data to find hard to find problems. Monitors sensors, transducers, and actuators.

H-60/S-70 Blade Burn Pod Set

The H-60/S-70 Blade Burn Pod Set (used with the UxValidator) simplifies testing and troubleshooting of the blade de-ice heater mats.
fixed wing set

Fixed-Wing ITS Pod Set

The ITS (Instrument Test System) Pod Set, when used with the UxValidator Series II, simulates and measures sensor signals to be displayed on instruments on the flight deck. With this small and lightweight pod set, testing can be completed on the flight deck or on the bench, without requiring engine run-up. (B-52, C-130, P-3, KC-135, E-3, F-16, etc.)

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