User Privacy Policy


ULTRAX Aerospace Incorporated has created this website for the purpose of facilitating commerce and to provide secure information exchange.  It is designed to assist in meeting the requirements of existing and potential business partners.  To help support that goal our website uses software that may automatically collect and store certain data and information from users.

User Data and Information

ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. may collect and store various types of data and information related to users:  data and tracking information related to viewing or downloading from our website or specific webpages; data that users provide when registering as an individual user; and data that users provide when registering to gain access to specific product information or technology. Information and data automatically collected and stored may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, type of browser and other technical data that is stored on our server or our service provider server that is maintained and reviewed for the purpose of improving the content and security of our website.  We may use “cookies” in serving our website for such purpose as to monitor and preserve browsing preferences, facilitate user access to the website and allow compilation of aggregate data to allow content improvement.  You have the ability through your browser settings to accept or decline the use of these “cookies” when accessing our website. During site registration we may ask for such information as: your name, address, postal code, email address, phone number, fax number, foreign national status and affiliation with United States military organizations.  This information is provided on a voluntary basis but refusal to provide may prevent ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. from granting access to controlled information.  We will not request nor should you provide any classified, confidential or proprietary information via the website or related email. ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. may notify registered users via email of new product release and existing product update notifications.

Use Acknowledgement for Export Control

As part of user registration, you acknowledge agreement to be bound by United States laws, regulations and administrative acts regarding export control of information or technology that you are provided access to.  You agree to not disclose your user name and password information that allows you access to specific information or technology on our site.  You further agree to notify ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. of any known disclosure of your user name and password, non-intended or otherwise.

Transfer of Data and Information

Use of website user data and information is for ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. internal use only.  ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. will, under certain circumstances that permit or are required by law or court order, collect, use and/or disclose user data and information obtained through your access of our website or email servers pursuant to activities that do not require giving you notice or provide other privacy protection (e.g. government or law enforcement investigation).

User Information Updates

It is in ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. interest and is our goal to keep your user information correct and up to date.  You are encouraged to update this information as it changes or notify us so that we can update.  If your job responsibility no longer requires that you have access to our product information or technology, please notify ULTRAX Aerospace Inc. so we can de-activate your account.  We reserve the right to de-activate accounts based on long period of inactivity that would then require you to re-register.

Contact Information

ULTRAX Aerospace welcomes your questions and comments about security and privacy. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to We will investigate and attempt to respond to any question in a timely fashion.